What we do

We empower children to take action and make to the world a better place. Our leadership inspires and challenges youth to tap into their empathy and create social change. Children are often ‘accused’ of having unabashed optimism, but this is exactly what we try to promote. The Empathy Factory was founded on the belief that by instilling empathy in our youth, injustices will be stopped, communities transformed and hope inspired.

Our vision is a generation of generous and conscientious humanitarians.

Running the Factory

What Happens Behind the Scenes

We work tirelessly to empower youth to take action and make the world a better place by extending their empathy. It started with two founders and their two girls; a family affair has turned into a national movement.

The Empathy Factory is volunteer-led and volunteer-run: The commitment of our team is unrivaled. Learn More, and we're sure you'll agree!

By The Numbers