Our mission is to instill a sense of empathy and a philanthropic spirit in Canada's youth.

Our Programs

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Breathing: Empathy

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Project: Empathy

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Accelerating: Empathy

“Watching these youth work so hard to create positive change will give you a new outlook. It's nothing short of transformative.”

Blair | CEO, Empathy Factory

Join the Movement



Learn to teach empathy, help out at an event, join a committee, or just make yourself available to pitch in from time to time. Join our growing army!



Changing the world is hard work, but it also seems to cost a fair bit. Help us raise money (remember that 100% of funds go back into our programming)!



Does your company believe in what we do? Take the opportunity to sponsor one of our signature events. BUT we insist that your employees come visit - so prepare to be inspired.



Because we don't charge for our programs, we rely on the support of our communities. The Empathy Factory is a registered Canadian charity so you can donate with peace of mind..

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